"When Colby stated treating me, my knee and back pain had made many activities beyond me. Today, my range of motion has returned. Since then, he has treated my elbows and thumbs, sinuses and helped stabilize my blood sugar. My life is much improved with his treatment."
- Debbie B.

"Colby is first and foremost a great listener, hearing not only the expressed concerns of his patients; but, also to the powerfully telling and deeply subtle messages the body is sending...He is very skilled and precise; but, he practices with ease and lightness. He is profoundly compassionate and supportive; and, offers strong treatments and sage advice, empowering the patient to continue the treatment beyond the table...i never hesitate to recommend friends, family, and students to Colby, because I know that he is grounded in meeting people where they are-hearing them and helping them to the best of his exceptional ability and innate talent...I have personally been the beneficiary of Colby's treatment for years and consider his work to be an essential part of my wellness maintenance program."
- Ashley B.

"I started coming to Colby after the birth of my son, to help me cope with the system wide exhaustion I was feeling. I already practiced yoga and meditation; buy, nothing helped me regulate my hormones and emotional struggles the way his work did. After almost 3 years of working together, I trust not only his acupuncture skills, but also his advice."

"since kindergarten, I have suffered with migraine headaches. I had as many as three per month. Since treatment with Colby, I have maybe three migraines per year; and, they are less serve."
- Travis B.

"I have been receiving acupuncture from Colby Christy for over three years. When I started I knew acupuncture could helpful for pain relief but I was not prepared for how positively profound my treatment experience with Colby would be in my life. In this process of "recovery" with regular acupuncture treatment I now have lasting relief to 20 years of chronic physical pain.  I believe that it is Colby's ability to express true empathy, compassion, and acceptance is what makes him a powerful Acupuncturist, healer, advocate, and mentor.

How did he help? First, Colby's compassion, 20 years of acupuncture knowledge, and creative insightful guidance helped to immediately ease my daily pain and anxiety level. I quickly regained a sense of my body I lost through pain, stopped my addictive behaviors and medications, and, most importantly, reframed my small story of life fighting pain into a larger story I can now live more ease-fully within. I choose to identify my Pain as my greatest teacher of self-care, knowledge, and compassion for others. I no longer waste energy in fight, fear, or hate against chronic pain.  I now, thanks to Colby's guidance and insight, have the tools to listen to my symptoms rather than over ride them, trust my body as wise when it whispers I need more rest or nourishment, and honor and love my self by taking care of my personal needs first.

I now encourage others who have come to a wall with chronic pain or illness to receive treatment with Colby Christy so that they may too discover their own best medicine lies within them. My hope is for others to learn that, in this important work with Colby, a deeper personal understanding of chronic illness, relief of suffering, and new positive perspectives on life is not only possible but attainable.

- A.E.M.